In Brussels (Belgium) from 2 by 4 November strongest juniors in the International Super Series squash tournament played Belgian Junior Open 2018. Tournament of the strongest in Brussels held the penultimate in the European calendar of tournaments Super Series, and, need to say, it involved far not all of the first number of the European rankings. note, that participated in the competition in addition to the European skvoshistov players from Iran, Bermuda, Scotland, England and the US. It can be assumed, they flew to distant lands for the rating points.

On this tournament participated 2 our skvoshistok: Alina Bushma (4 racket in the European ranking among G19 Girls) and Julia Zhukavets (27 racket in the European ranking among the girls G17). Our pair Bushma girls and won Zhukavets 3 and 9 a place, respectively, and it is certainly a success!

note, that in the semi-finals Alina suddenly lost in a long match Michael flail from the Czech Republic, which gives our athlete and seeded and the order falls short of world and European rankings from bushman. We also note the successful performance and Zhukovets, which is gaining momentum in recent years on the international scene and quickly earns points in the European rankings ESF. And let it stumbled in 2 Round about one of the strongest participants Niki Shemirani [5/8] from Iran, Julia finished the game worthy of 9-16 seats beating three Laura Lauridsen [9/16] , Lucie Mährle [9/16] Gustin Virginie и [9/16] matches for 9 a place.

The results of the tournament Belgian Junior Open 2018.

Now Ukrainian skvoshisty preparing for the next competition - Polish JO 2018, which will take place 16-18 November Wroclaw where a delegation of our juniors are going to send.

Congratulations to the athletes and wish them further success!

© Anna Tesleva

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