During the 3 days was held in Malmö 5 annual international Super Series tournament Nordic Junior Squash Open. This year's winner in the female category GU 19 (in which Ukraine took part) Stahl English Alice Green seeded with 17/24.

And may this year we did not take first place, our athletes to represent our country in Sweden.

Our professionals, Participating categories GU19 - Nadezhda Usenko and Alina Bushma We took the prize in Malmö 2 and 9 a place, respectively.

Nadezhda Usenko once again confirmed its title at this tournament, despite the lingering trauma and a break in the sports career year our juniors more than adequately proved itself this year. On the way to the final, Nadia won a number of matches in a pretty strong contenders, including 2 sowing Sarah Lauridsen from Denmark. The first defeat was waiting for Nadya already in the match for 1 a place, Alas, Sunday, luck was on the side Alice Green, with the score 3-1 (9-11, 11-4, 11-6, 13-11) victory goes to England.

Our Alina Bushma, playing with Nadia Usenko in one category, Unfortunately, this year, it occupies the lowest rung on the tournament in Malmö in my entire career. Having met in 2 round with the future winner of the tournament (Alice Green) our athlete waiting defeat, with the score 0-3 Alina ends up fighting for gold and had to settle for only 9-16 place.

Nevertheless Alina showed Bushma, that it is a strong party and does not intend to give up. “stumbling” about his and Nadine obstacle on the way to the league title, in the form of an English Alice Green, Alina surpassed all rivals and won a top 9 a place.

Good luck, patience and faith in their own strength to all athletes. thank you, that you participate and show the world Ukrainian squash.

Tournament results Nordic Junior Open 2017.

© Anna Tesleva

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