This spring, the European Team Championship After a long 16 years returns home squash – England. In Birmingham in the territory of the Edgbaston Priory Club will meet the best players in squash.

The main event will take place this spring 1 by 4 May 2019 of the year, on the courts to gather more 200 players representing 22 countries. The competition for the coveted title promises to be an exciting beginning before the start of a world-class games, which will be held at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 year.

As we have said previously, matches will be held at the squash club Edgbaston Priory at world level courts and a specially made glass court. Among the world-class players, participating in KCHE-2019, will perform 5 world-ranked tennis player Simon Rosner, 4 world-ranked tennis player Camille Serme, 6 world-ranked tennis player Sarah-Dzheyn Perri, 7 world-ranked tennis player Laura Massaro and 15 world-ranked tennis player James Uillstrop.

Robert Bray, Executive Director of the Edgbaston Priory Club, He said: “We welcome players and spectators at the club at this prestigious international tournament in squash, which will be an exciting precursor to the Commonwealth Games in 2022 year.

Glass Court will give viewers the opportunity to get closer to the action and watch the best representatives of the rapidly growing, exciting sports”.

Ukrainian team at the European Team Championship, 1&2 division.

In the national team to defend the honor of the country under the Ukrainian flag will be the strongest athletes: Usenko Nadia, Bushma Alina, Kostyukova Anastasia and Liana Sardak, coach speak Usenko Alexey.

Ukrainian national team in the subgroup Rooms are coming with the best athletes Germany, Finland and Ireland. The first game with the team in Germany will start on Wednesday, 1 yeast 12:30. European Championship format has not changed - division between the exchange of two teams. Our team to begin to leave the group, in order to avoid falling into 3 division.

European Team Chess Championship-2019 (Birmingham, England), 01 – 04.05.2019.

According to the results of the draw Ukrainian women's team got in group B together with teams from Germany, Finland and Ireland.

games Schedule:

1 May 2019

Ukraine- Germany

2 May 2019

Ukraine- Finland

Ukraine – Ireland


Group A: Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Italy

Group B: Germany, Finland, Ireland, Ukraine

Schedule Team Championship Games-2019 in Europe.

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