Sem O, owner of the estate (Greenwich, Connecticut) with its own home square for squash. He recently completed the construction of the court and invited professional players to the skatOsh – Gillian Lane and Julianne Ellingworth play an exhibition match. The home court allows Sam, passionate player, come home from work and play squash with a friend with their own 3 daughter, without having to get in the car and go to the club.

Gilly Lane (left) and Julian Illingworth (right)

«I have many business trips. I wanted to create a simple option for children to communicate ", – says Sam, adding, that new court – it's also a way to unite local squash players.

The cost of the court: about $50,000.

Article and images taken from the magazine “Wall Street”.

In luxury homes you can often find real sports complexes – from full-size gyms, baseball fields, badminton and volleyball, private squash and racquetball courts to the lacrosse fields, wrestling rings and hockey rinks.

In Palm Beach, Florida, builder Terry Cadmore has just finished building a replica of the home courts of a sports complex in Miami American Airlines Arena. Although it has a smaller area, than the original, the project is also decorated with the logo and sign of the Miami Heat team. It includes a professional arena, scoreboard and sound system. The owners' son uses the sports complex for basketball.

The cost of the court: about $100,000

In Telluride, Colorado, the estate of Timothy Bobberg and Roxana Pulitzer includes, among other sports grounds, own shooting range in length over 30 meters, which is controlled by a computer.

Worth the fun: 18,5 millions of dollars.

“It happened at the same time”, – says Dave Vander He of, which is building home gymnasiums and sports fields in the Chicago area. Dave says, that he had previously built 2 or 3 sports groundand per year area from 300 to 900 square meters and they cost from 10000 to 70000$. He received it last year 25 query estimates and was built close 11 projects.

Gordon Anderson (Buffalo, New York State), from the company Anderson Courts&Sports Surfaces, which specializes in the construction of squash courts, basketball and racquetball, last year placed squash courts in 12 private homes. Doubling your business in four years from a budget of 35,000 to 70,000$.

Connor Sport Court (Salt Lake City, Utah) – company, which installs gyms for professional teams and private residences, held a focus group a few years ago, to find out, why people began to build more courts at home.

The answer was twofold: “The need for safe place, where children and parents could play sports, and helping the child develop existing skills, and parents – notice talents or just a penchant for a particular sport, – says CEO Ron Cherney.

Larry Bettino spent close $250,000, turning the barn into a two-level sports facility. Built in 2010 year, the playground includes a full-size basketball court and a squash court on the 2nd floor, which was previously a storehouse for hay; on the ground floor there is a swimming pool, room with exercise equipment and fitness equipment.

Alicia Jeppesen, housewife, from Bennington, state Nebraska. Her husband and 3 children will soon move to a new house area 1500 square meters with its own basketball court area 240 square meters. The house was worth it $750,000; court – about $50,000. Mrs. Jeppesen says, what is its purpose – use the court for rollerblading, climbing, tennis, as well as basketball and turn it into a playground for parties. The plan was, in order to “make our house so fun, to make my children's friends want to be here, and I would know, where they are, and that they are safe“, – she says.

Houses with covered areas, usually, very large, from 1500 square meters and more. “Everyone loves home sports fields, but not everyone can afford it”, – says Mike Zavislak, agent from Baird&Warner in Chicago. The owners are asking for such estates 2,4 million dollars, and the house can be sold for years.

Construction of the site – this is just the beginning. Installation of heating and ventilation systems in large areas is expensive – to $100,000 you can only pay for the squash court. in addition, parking can be a problem, when school teams and other athletes begin to use the court for training.

The construction of home complexes leads to community demand for its use.

John Nugent, CEO of a software company, owns a house area 6000 square meters in Andover, Massachusetts, with a full-size basketball court, cage for batting with a sweat machine, bowling, indoor and outdoor pool. Mr. Nugent says, that the sports home complex helped his son remain competitive in higher sports schools. Now, when his son is in law school, many high schools in basketball and football use their gym. Mr. Nugent says, that he has no problem with that, though “there may be traffic jams during the day“. Now the house is for sale 5,5 millions of dollars.

Gym – the most popular room in the house“, – says Tony Graceley, car dealer in Houston. His house has a full-size basketball court with a locker room and a steam shower. Although his children are adults – one son continued to play basketball at the University of Texas at Austin. Gracie uses the gym for her own Sunday basketball games and for charity events. Weekly, when it's cold, a group of children in the neighborhood use the gym, to play Wiffle ball.

The happiest owners of estates with home courts – these are the ones, who built sites for their own use. Helge Frank, retired neurologist, set up a racquetball court, even when he was building his house in Oak Brook, Illinois. Although he decided to sell the house for 2,4 million dollars. Frank says, what is the cost of the court in $60,000 worth it, after all, he is more 30 years will not receive ranking points ESF 2 once a week he played with friends on his own court.

Projects of houses with squash courts

Modern home design idea in Cleveland

Private residence of classic design house in Miami

Squash court on a private estate in Bedford, New York

Holiday house, author's studio Nigro

According to the owners of squash courts – demand for sports grounds exceeds supply, which means, that building your own sports ground is also a great business opportunity.

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