In Vene (Austria) An international squash «Austrian Junior Open 2019" tournament (Grand Prix). The competition was attended 20 Athletes from Ukraine. In general, the tournament has raised more than 200 participants.

Only two athletes managed to finish the competition with a prize-winning. So, Zrazhevska Sofia [9/12 seeded] – He won gold, a Milena Velichko [1 seeded] It took the third place.

Shock worked on the conquest of the Austrian courts in the last days of the tournament our two youngest skvoshistki, speakers in the younger categories. 12-summer Zrazhevska Sofia (category 13 years), for the first time became the winner of international competitions. The pupil of trainer Alexander Bulgakov won gold, beating rivals from Hungary, Poland, Slovenian, Ukraine and Luxembourg with a score of 3:0 in each of the games played.

5 racket junior to 13 and s 1 seeded 12-year-old Milena Velichkoof from the Dnieper (category 13 years) for the first time won the bronze medal at the Austrian tournament. ward Bulgakov, who won silver in the beginning of the year on the Czech JO219, this time was once again in top form, beating in 1 раунде Korina Centers [13/16] Croatia, and then at 1/4 финала Aneta Sezemský [5/8] from the Czech Republic in a long match with a score of 8-11, 4-11, 11-3, 13-11, 11-8.

One step away from the final match defeated his compatriot Velichko Zrazheskoy Sofia with the score 11-7, 11-6, 12-10. According to the results, Milena in this nomination was on the third step of the podium.

Did not remain without awards in the category of up to 13 and 19 years two of our athletes, take pride of 4 place in their age groups. 13 number of European rating Christina Begeba and 17-year-old Julia Zhukovets ascended the pedestal prize after a successful start to the international performances.

All in all, Austria acted 20 Participants from Ukraine. Among the other athletes have become the most successful games Dmitry Shcherbakov (VU15), who took 5 mest0 tournament.

Results of other athletes from Ukraine to Austria Austrian Junior Open GP 2019:

  • Nikita Khlus (BU13) – 15 a place.
  • Candan Timur (BU13) – 16 a place.
  • Glushchenko Lukyan (BU13) – 17 a place.
  • Andrushko Nazar (BU13) – 18 a place.
  • Yegor Shcherbakov (BU13) – 24 a place.
  • Artem Panchenko (BU13) – 31/29 a place.
  • Anna Brilenko (GU13) – 15 a place.
  • Vlad Tverdohleb (GU15) – 9 a place.
  • Elena Brilenko (GU15) – 10 a place.
  • Girik Elizabeth (GU15) – 12 a place.
  • Oleg Pozdnyakov (BU15) – 7 a place.
  • Rodionov Timofey (BU15) – 11 a place.
  • Tkachuk Andrew (BU15) -25 a place.
  • Julius Laukart (BU17) – 20 a place.
  • Tymoshchuk Matthew (BU17) – 26 a place.

Tournament results Austrian Junior Open 2019 (GP).

Now Ukrainian skvoshisty preparing for the next competition - Norwegian Junior Open 2019, which will take place 29 – 31 March Oslo.

Congratulations to the athletes and wish them further success!

© Anna Tesleva

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