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Squash in our country there are about 20 years. The first squash court was built in the distant 1998 year. Were the first fans, the first professionals and, Of course the first kids, kicks a ball around the court. The first adult competition involved no more 10 human, Secondly 15, later 20 and from year to year, the number is constantly growing. Build new courts, there were new coach, players and tournaments.

AT 2004 year was registered in Ukraine Squash Federation, responsible for the development of the sport. Beginning of the first performances of the national team at the European Team Championships. But, children are always in squash, Unfortunately, It was a little ...

2000-2005 – in our country there were only three junior, who represented Ukraine in the international arena. This boys Dmitry Kondratenko, Zakomlistov Sergey Spivak and only girl Anastasia.

2005-2010 – During this period it added little kids squash and already we have seen in the European competitions such as the children Kostevich Alexander ml., Dmitry Pogrebnyak, Sorochyi Michael ml., Mikhail Lazarenko and Yevdochenko Vitali.

2010-2015 – During this period there were such well-known as the juniors Presman Ilya, Artur Sikora, Buzluk, Vladislav, Andrei Kravchuk. Special attention is given the appearance of the Euro arena Usenko Hope and Bushmen Alina. Our girls certainly held and still hold the first two places in Europe among their peers.

Generally, in Ukraine for every 5 It appeared in the years to squash 5 children, representing our country in the international arena. To tell, that this little, so, nothing to say ...

The reasons for this state of things a lot. Chief among them is, squash that is still little known, and closed to the broad masses of sport, lack of sufficient grounds and squash shortage of qualified trainers.

The main thrust of visiting a growing interest in children to squash was the construction of the new squash courts Sport Life Squash Arena in Ukraine and the establishment of 2016 squash, the Academy in Odessa, Kherson and later in Kiev at the Towers, Troyeschina, and in the Dnieper.

Separately, in the Ukraine started to carry out internal and open tournaments for children. In May, we were all witnesses of the international squash tournament under the auspices of ESF «Barakat Junior Open», In December 2016 It hosted the first The championship of Ukraine among juniors.

The most important achievement is, that playing children became much more.

There was a national ranking among juniors by 11 to 17 years, which has more than 200 children from different cities of Ukraine. The most promising categories to 13 years and for boys and girls already have pretty good results.

In the European rankings our children marked in almost every age group (Junior Rating Highest European Squash Federation as of 07.01.2017).

Boys up 13

  • Dmitry Shcherbakov – 9 a place.
  • Ostap Bylyaev – 20 a place.
  • Maxim Fedyna – 47 a place.
  • Oleg Pozdnyakov – 64 a place.
  • Alexey Shpak – 79 a place.
  • Radionov Timofey – 120 a place.
  • Zhivotovsky Jaroslav – 135 a place.
  • Vartanian Mahal – 167 a place.
  • Maksimyshynets Anton – 186 a place.
  • Melnikov Vyacheslav – 216 a place.
  • Anouk, Alexander – 219 a place.
  • Pelachega Nikita – 230 a place.
  • Michael Gavura – 234 a place.
  • Chebanov Andrew – 240 a place.
  • Kirill Myagkov – 246 a place.

Girls under 13

  • Tverdohleb Vladislav – 62 a place.
  • Anna Gulyaeva – 93 a place.
  • Kotova Olga – 107 a place.
  • Girik Elizabeth – 110 a place.

Boys up 15

  • Julius Laukart – 74 a place.
  • Lomikovskij Yuriy – 147 a place.
  • Miller Nikita – 188 a place.
  • Kutkovskij Mikhail – 213 a place.
  • Koval Daniel – 266 a place.
  • Andrey Zaichenko – 277 a place.
  • Karim Al Hasan – 282 a place.
  • Babenko Bogdan – 303 a place.

Girls under 15

  • Anna Samuylyk – 137 a place.
  • Doroskhik Marina – 152 a place.
  • Slyusarenko Anastasia – 168 a place.
  • Maria Nikitina – 170 a place.
  • Alexander Borovitsky – 171 a place.
  • Pelыh Sonia – 172 a place.

Boys up 17

  • Artur Sikora – 51 a place.
  • Belikov Yefim – 131 a place.
  • Rasputnij Daniel – 142 a place.
  • Brave Daniel – 201 a place.
  • Kirill Levchenko – 284 a place.
  • Balalaika, Denis – 308 a place.

Girls under 17

  • Bushma Alina – 2 a place.

Girls under 19

  • Usenko Nadia – 34 a place.

Generally, the ice is broken and now the most important thing is to continue to involve more and more new children in the squash and the words of one of the great sports coaches "To play, you need to play ... ".

© Dmitry Shcherbakov

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