The Ministry of Youth and Sports and Squash Federation of Ukraine invites everyone to take part in the celebration Day of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine and European week of sport in Ukraine, to be held 8 September at the territory of NSK "Olympic". Getting Started sports locations 11:00, Grand opening – at 12:00.

AT 2018 , Ukraine for the first time won the right to join the EU one of the main initiatives in the field of sport – European week of sport under the aegis of the European Commission, and also joined the list of countries, organize events on the subject.

4 main themes, which focuses on the European week of sport: physical activity in schools, at work, outdoors, in sports clubs and fitness centers.

European format and the celebration of the Day of Physical Culture in Ukraine!

As European week of sport is one of the key events in the European integration of Ukraine in the field of physical culture and sports and aims to popularize the sport and physical activity throughout Europe, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine It decided to expand the format and timing of its celebration in Ukraine. It will begin with the celebration of Physical Culture and Sports of the Day 8 September and will close 30 September.

During the celebration 8 September the work of the town will be held in Kiev "Sport for All", with free mini-locations for everyone, sports clubs in various sports; will be held demonstrations and master classes by leading coaches and athletes.

celebration 8 September organizes Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine together with Center physical health "Sport for All" and sport federations.

AT 2017 year participation in the celebration of the European week of sport took 12000000 people in 32 countries.

Materials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

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