We invite professional and amateur squash championship at the opening of the Kherson region, which will be held in Kherson 10-11 Martha 2018 of the year on the squash courts of the club Sport Life.

The position of the tournament Open championship of Kherson region.

Results of the tournament Open championship of Kherson region.

Place and time:

g. Herson, st. Zalaegerszeg 18, ТРЦ «Factory», FC "Sport Life".

10 Martha 2018 of the year:
9:00 – 10:00 - check in, The contest is open, warm-up;
10:00 – 21:00 - previous games in all categories;

11 Martha 2018 of the year:
10:00 – 18:00 - final games and games for all the meta;
18:00 – 19:00 - award winners, competition closing.


  1. men - 32 member;
  2. Women - 16 participants.

Timing and submission of application: for the tournament you need to 7 Martha 2018 year, submit an online request.

Full Name. (necessarily)

Date of birth (necessarily)

City residence (necessarily)

Contact phone (necessarily)

E-mail (necessarily)

club (necessarily)

Trainer (necessarily)

by Category (necessarily)

Type of license (Annual or single) (necessarily)

Entry fee:

400 UAH for licensed FSU players (for players without a license payment according regulations FSU, 100 UAH or mult 600 UAH annual).

Current account organization:
Recipient: Squash Federation GO GO KHERSON REGION
code recipient: 41492692
Beneficiary Account: 26006052209715
Name of the bank: HERSON.F.PAT KB “PRYVATBANK”, Kherson
Bank code (MFO): 352479
or Privat24:
Card number 5169 3305 1222 3048

The prize fund:

Winners of all categories, each phase will be awarded medals and prizes. The total prize fund 10, 000 UAH (5000 UAH - men, 5000 UAH are women).

The distribution of the prize fund: 1 a place - 2000 UAH; 2 a place - 1500 UAH; 3 a place - 1000 UAH; 4 a place - 500 UAH;

The organizers of the tournament:

Squash Federation of Ukraine and the Federation of the Kherson region.

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