To increase the effectiveness of the committees, 18 December 2019 of the year, presidium members, it was agreed on the agenda:

  1. Combine with the judicial committee disciplinary committee;
  2. Combine the coaching committee with the committee on the development of children's and junior squash;
  3. Rename the committee organizing tournaments on the committee for the organization of health and fitness and sports activities;
  4. Create a committee on sponsorship and patronage;
  5. Change the rules of communication with the live meetings, on skype conference and correspondence by e-mail, as needed.
  6. Develop general rules and regulations for the committees for each of the Committees and approved at a meeting of the Presidium. impose restrictions, one person has the right to a member or chairman of the committee in one committee.
  7. Appoint new Heads of committees, namely:
  • Disciplinary and refereeing committee – Fredûk Sergej Nikolaevich.
  • The Development Committee of children and junior squash and coaching – Rybalchenko Konstantin Viktorovich.
  • The Committee on the organization of health and fitness and sports activities – Pavlyuk Anna Valerevna.
  • The Committee on sponsorship and patronage – Kutkovskij Yakov Petrovich.

Invitation to join the committees of the Federation

If you:

  • active;
  • You have a great desire to cultivate the squash in Ukraine;
  • You see themselves in the ranks of activists and volunteers, who enjoy the result and lead to the end of their undertakings.

Then you are to us! Primarily, share with us your vision and possible project, you would like to start.

Our contact details: Phone. +38 (044) 359 0955 and

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