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The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved the key criteria and stages of the program of the Summer Games 2024 of the year, which will be held in Paris, France.

So, IOC introduced mandatory two tests for each applicant-sport to get into the Olympic family: on the number of athletes and the number of active. for example, in the Summer Olympics the number of athletes must be at least 10,500 man and 310 соревнований.

WSF President Jacques Fontenay and Chief Executive Officer of PSA Alex Gough already announced, squash that can be easily integrated into the Olympic program with minimal investment and equipped grid participants among men and women.

In addition to the criteria, IOC will hold a 2 stage for the inclusion of new sports to the Olympic Games-2024

  1. “Paris 2024” contact with the International Federation, recognized by the IOC. Sports will be evaluated according to criteria, as: youth, innovative and entertaining, showing priorities and targets France.
  2. sport, The proposed program “Paris 2024”, It will then be submitted for approval at the IOC session in 2019 year. If approved, these sports will be considered for final inclusion. After the session, 2019 year after the demonstrations at the Tokyo games 2020 , the final selection of the program and the quota of athletes for the new sports will be distributed in December 2020 of the year.

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