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What is SPIN?

World Federation of squash in the early 2014 the year focused attention on compulsory licenses received by each sport player, which is abbreviated as SPIN (Squash Personal Identification Number).

What is the SPIN?

This allows you to make the WSF is much more convenient to conduct various activities, their distribution by category, structured top athletes. Introduction SPIN procedures will make it easier to carry out the procedure as seeding players in various European and world championships, and the separate series of tournaments.

Who needs SPIN?

  • professional players;
  • Junior tournaments, participating in tournaments of World and European federations (ESF Junior Сircle, Team and individual European and World Championship);
  • players category Masters, participating in tournaments of World and European federations;
  • coaches, having category ESF / WSF.

What is the fee for registration in SPIN 2018 year?

According to the rules, Registration fee 1 January 2018 year is:

  • check in (including payment for the first year): £ 15,00 (for all ages);
  • annual renewal (at 2019 year): adult – 10 £, for juniors – 5 £.

Beginning with 2018 of the year, SPIN will become an annual license fee for players, Team members and coaches.

Nevertheless, WSF remembers, that the currently registered individuals, having SPIN, offered to license conditions, that athletes do not have to renew it annually. Therefore SPINS, paid to 31 December 2017 of the year, will not be subject to an annual renewal fee.

How to Get SPIN?

Players can register through on-line procedures on site WSF.

For our athletes Squash Federation of Ukraine has developed a detailed step by step instructions with screenshots, which is available here: Detailed instructions for SPIN.

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