Today, there are a sufficient number of courts in Ukraine, there are qualified coaches. Our top-end athletes are not enough small: practice. practice games to Glass-court and sparring with strong players, representing various schools of squash. Get the practice game with the Malaysian school squash – such was the purpose of the trip to the National Squash Center in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

steamallelic this our girls looked decisive matches of the Open Championship of Malaysian squash. And also to train your body to adapt to different climatic conditions and changing time zones. They, who flew to tournaments in Asia or America, know, how difficult it is to play at three o'clock in the morning in Kiev…

«Of course, I would like to work out at least three weeks, – says Nadia Usenko.

"From my experience, it is the third week of the body is completely rebuilt and you, as if, a new level. But, if productively utilize every minute giving you, the experience, received even a week, hard to overestimate.

Writing in a training diary, All incoming information, Working with stronger players, we make another step towards achieving the goals, are set ourselves ".

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