Ukrainian skvoshistka Nadezhda Usenko It becomes the winner of the tournament “super series” Belgian Junior Open 2017 in Herentals.

After a long break in our sports career Nadezhda Usenko triumphantly returns to squash. After participating in the World Games 2017 athlete goes again actively in international tournaments and one after the other brings to the country the prizes.

Nadezhda Usenko the second tournament in a row confirms his title of champion. On the way to the final, Nadia won a number of matches in a pretty strong contenders, but when you consider, that this is the strongest junior tournament, here and does not and can not be weak opponents. beating – 2 sowing Sarah Lauridsen from Denmark in the semifinals with a score of 3:1 (13-15, 11-5, 12-10, 11-8) and 3 sowing Maas flower from Holland in the final, win in GU19 category rightly goes Hope Usenko.

Company the winner of the tournament in Belgium accounted for more 2nd athletes from Ukraine, regular participants of international competitions – Alina Bushma (GU19) and Dmitry Shcherbakov (BU13).

Dmitry Shcherbakov It takes on another tournament prize – 4 a place. It is worth noting match against Axel Diet in 1/4 finals, I can not remember such long games at our children lately, with the score (12-10, 17-15, 10-12, 18-16) Shcherbakov snatched victory from the Frenchman. As often happens after such emotional games, pretty exhausting their strength, Unfortunately, in the next game in a few hours after the furore of our Yunir awaited first defeat, with the score 1:3 (11-5, 5-11, 11-4, 12-10) victory was for the Irish, 3 sowing Jack O Flynn. After Departure in the semifinal Dima Shcherbakov is now playing for the opportunity to take the prize 3-4 a place tournament. In an unpredictable final against host tournament, Samuel Gerrits our skvoshist was slightly weaker, but do not forget, and that he played the first seeded.

Alina Bushma It takes the tournament Belgian Junior Open 2017 5 a place. It can be said, Aline that the tournament was less fortunate of all, because she got to go to the top-ranked category, Karina Tym and lost with a score of Englishwoman 0:3 (11-6, 12-10, 11-6). In a match for 5-8 a place Alina rehabilitated and defeated with a score of 3:0 first in the semi-finals Fanny Segers, and then in the final Charlotte Jagger.

Thank you to our juniors, that you participate and show the world Ukrainian squash. Thank you coaches for work and good results of your pupils.

The results of the tournament Belgian Junior Open 2017.

© Anna Tesleva

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