14 racket junior to 15 years in Europe Milena Velichko will perform at tournament in Birmingham, England.

Squash Championship Dunlop British Junior Open It considered one of the most prestigious junior tournaments around the world (BJO took silver place after World Junior Squash Championships). Try out the English courts, get a taste of the game, get into the rhythm of competitive life - goals, which pursue the leading athletes in the world.

English tournament continues to break all possible records, This year the championship has collected an incredible number of players - 800 participants from 56 nations, included in the elite of world squash. with 2 by 6 January 2020 year starts in Birmingham British Open squash. The first Tournament will be held once in 4 locations: Club Эdzhbaston Pryor, University of Birmingham Sport&Fitness, Solihull Arden Club and Sports Complex West Warwickshire. Maximum occupancy of the grid in terms of BU19 - 113 players!

Among 800 players from around the world will speak and show the strength of our Ukrainian squash Milena Velichko (GU15). 13-Ukrainian summer skvoshistka of the Dnieper is firmly part of the Top 100 European Squash advance earned a place in the list of participants of the main tournament, avoiding qualification.

In the first round of this tournament was the rival Ukrainian inexperienced and practically unknown to the general public Englishwoman Olivia Keefe, that our athlete easily defeated with a score of 11-9, 6-11, 11-5, 11-4. And in the second waiting our Milena seeded 5/8 th number Egyptian Malak Taha from the category of "impenetrable" and the first disappointment with the score 3-11, 8-11, 6-11.

If you're lucky, Velichko can now easily take 17 the place of the alleged 67, in front of her waiting for a potentially equal rival – Ana Margarita Quijano (Colombia) и Camillia Hendy (Norway). Here, of course, the chances of winning are nearly the same.

Considering, that this season really has not started yet, Following on, we can talk, Only based on the statistics of past years. And here the most important of them, undoubtedly, Egyptians considered, Malays and the British. And for our skvoshistki beginning of a new season in a tournament of this level - an excellent opportunity to express themselves in full voice.

Tournament organizers promise online broadcast https://britishjunioropen.com/watch2020/ follow the nets and you can schedule the championship on the official tournament website British Junior Open 2020.

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