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The participation of our country in WSF Ambassador Programme It was proof, that dreams come true, said the President of Ukraine Squash Federation Anastasia Netrebchuk!

The international program, launched in 2011 year, take part in 2 leading player in squash, International coach and referee, to help raise the profile of the sport -The holding of thematic conferences, exhibition matches, judicial and coaching seminars, and media presentations.

Ukrainian professionals, juniors and adult players, lined up, to play a match with the club and Ashur Serme Grand Prix, while national coach of Belgium Ronnie Vlasaks enthusiastically trained trainers from Ukraine and Belarus, the art of coaching, and an international referee from Slovenia Marko Podgoršek I held a workshop, to explain the intricacies of judging in squash.

Press conference “Ambassador WSF”:

President of the Sports Committee of Ukraine Ilya Shevlyak He told the media: "I will do everything, in my power, for the development of squash in Ukraine. I'm sure, which include squash in the Olympics and we will be able to see him in Paris ", – President added, under which the agency is 47 non-Olympic sports in Ukraine.

"Squash – very dynamic sport. A Squash Federation of Ukraine, which was set up just 6 years ago, It is a prime example, what can be done for the development of the sport in such a short period of time. I am very happy to see there are so many journalists, supporting squash ".

Responding to a question on the inclusion of sport in the Olympic program 2024 in Paris, six-time European champion Camille Serme said: "If we do this, I hope, I can take part – I will just 35!»

Former first racket of the world ranking Ashour, which played a major role in the campaign 2020 of the year, He said: "I would be glad, if we did it, – I'll be proud to tell my children, that attached to it, and his hand!»

When I asked Ronnie Vlassaks his coaching performances, he (pictured above in action) He told the media: "On my master class was attended by 25 trainers – It is fantastic!

"In the future you will be sure to world champion, but first you need to find it, and then help develop ".

"2017 was a very important event for Ukrainian squash, last summer the first time we took part in the World Games in Poland ", – Anastasia said Netrebchuk. This year, our star Hope Usenko has been chosen as an ambassador SquashFORWARD WSF. And finally, just, now we have become participants in the program, it's a dream for us. This is a big step towards the development of squash in our country.

"We already have the courts in major cities, but we need to build more sites across the country – not only in Kiev. We want to attract as many juniors and participate in major international tournaments, not just at European championships, but also the world championships.

"The current success of these players, Nadezhda Usenko and 17-year-old Alina Bushma, example for other juniors correct focus ".

Usenko – most successful juniors in Ukraine. Currently, the athlete takes 2 place in the European rankings U19, and at the beginning of the school year Nadia moved to the USA, to begin his studies at Trinity College in Connecticut.

“I started playing tennis at 6 years, but when I saw, my parents returned home once the output with trophies in squash, I also decided to try to play ", – He said 18-year-old from Kiev. "For a while I played squash and tennis parallel, but when it decided, I wanted to be a professional athlete, I chose squash”.

Later, at a farewell party, I attended Yaroslav the Wise, State Coach of Youth and Sports Ministry, who said,: "Squash is really developing rapidly in our country over the last few years.

"This program will be a very good step for the development of sports here. But what of the unique, so is, that the best athletes do not just come to visit us, but also to give our players a chance to play with them on the court ".

Serme remained in awe of her role as an ambassador for WSF: "For me and a great honor for the whole of France to be elected, It is here, along with the champion Ramy Ashur.

"It was my first visit to Ukraine and Armenia. People were very glad we, it was nice to see, that so many adults and children are happy to, we were here.

His impressions of the program shared Ramy Ashour: "It's great for the sport, we travel the world and have the opportunity to talk about the squash through the TV from different countries, show the world, There is a sport and how steep squash. The more we will be able to speak,, the more people around the world understand and hear us.

Vlassaks, which was met with open arms, introducing the first coaching course in Ukraine 9 years ago, He said: "Over the past nine years all has changed dramatically. When I first came here, There was nothing resembling a coaching or players, since then they have coped.

"Many years ago, was an elite sport of squash in Ukraine, but now you have clubs, in which you can just go and play.

"I was very surprised how many kids playing now. This is a good sign, and some of them will certainly become professionals ".

Marko Podgoršek (pictured above) also I was pleased with the interest of Ukrainian judges in his workshop: "In my course I attended 15 judges, not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia and Belarus.

“Refereeing in Ukraine better organized, than in many countries, mainly due to Robert Vrubel, which helped translate the rules into the languages ​​of the different countries, including Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Latvia”.

CEO WSF Andrew Shelley He summed up his observations on mediakonferentsii, said: "You have great leaders and great squash athletes in the country. You managed to achieve international success, including the incorporation of your best junior, Hope Usenko, in SquashFORWARD team, which will help shape the future of our sport.

"Squash in Ukraine is in good hands, flourishes. We welcome you ".

FROM 2011 year program “Ambassador WSF” held in Latvia, Malawi, Namibia, Panama, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Dalian and Macau in China and in Armenia last week.

transfer: © Anna Tesleva

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