WSF and PSA welcomed the announcement of the offer a selection of additional sports for the Olympic Program 2024 in Paris with great disappointment.

IOC program commission will discuss the proposal before it is submitted to the Executive Committee 26-28 Martha. Brakedance, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing have been proposed for inclusion as additional sports in the Olympic program 2024 in Paris.

According to reports of the organizing committee of the Olympics-2024 in Paris, All four types of sports are waiting for the final approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

If approved, breakdance will make its debut at the Summer Olympics, while sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing for the first time appear in the Olympic program at the Games 2020 of the year, they will not be included in place of other. These three types of sports until approved only for one Olympics 2020.

Unity, which our sport is famous all over the world, It is exceptional and growing stronger with each passing day. During the campaign, we showed, that squash – a bright and resonant program, based on constant innovation, which seeks greater openness and sustainability, involvement of young people and equality in all our actions on the court and outside it.

We sincerely believe, squash that can be easily integrated into the Olympic program with minimal costs and streamline the list of participants. Our unique interactive glass squash court will allow to introduce a number of additional impressions and will help attract young people to the sport since the first day of preparation, and far beyond the Olympic Games!

© Anna Tesleva

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