To top 2017 the year I want to take stock of their work. For this year Squash Federation of Ukraine made a lot, although, as the saying goes, there is no limit to perfection. And the praise ourselves, turn to the, who themselves felt, what being an associate member of the FSO, and how they see the results of the Ukrainian squash years.

circleGennady Belikov (Kharkiv):

- During the year the work federation has done a great work in different directions. As for me, I am grateful for the information support and organizing work, which FSU held against my son Efim. In particular, helped us with visa applications for participation in international competitions. Without FSU, we have to do this have failed. Unfortunately, son injured, and use them in 2016 year we did not have time, but, sure, be sure to do it in the future, as soon as he recovers. Let's go on a variety of tournaments and to represent Ukraine at the international level. I would also like to thank Anastasia Netrebchuk for her boundless energy and constant optimism.

circle-1Stanislav Vilyuy River (Kiev):

- Nice to know, that my small contribution to the development of squash has surpassed all expectations. I see, as the FOS work with raising children, improved organization of various types of tournaments - including amateur, in which I participate as a player. There is orderliness, clearly works rating, always have the necessary information. I know, that the Federation is not so much money, but every penny she goes to the benefit of business. Many tournaments, many public events. AND, even directly to the children's academy Squash I did not have a relationship, I am glad, that is the direction running in the right direction. the, that so much attention is paid to the education of young skvoshistov, It allows soon to create a good competition and turn squash in one of the most prestigious sports in Ukraine.

Galina Boris (Lviv):

- I am an associate member of the Squash Federation of Ukraine only two months, but I can already notice, how easily I was able to integrate into a new job - to become a coach at the Children's Academy of Squash in his hometown - in Lviv. I like it - a lot easier to work with children. It finds time to train itself, raise their game level and professional qualifications. I'm sure, that such an approach to the case of Ukrainian and Ukrainian squash players soon to be talking far beyond our country.

circle-3Inna Sikora (Kiev):

- I like a man for a long time associated with the Ukrainian squash, I have an opportunity to compare the situation of this sport in our country - as it was earlier and as it is today. Progress is. Relations have been established with the public, It provides assistance in obtaining various documents, correct advertising - all this gives great hope for our players and organizers to find sponsors to implement their plans.

Artur Sikora (Kiev):

circle-2- I noticed, that thanks to the work of the Federation this year has significantly improved the quality of tournaments. I personally became involved in the PSA tournaments for me free, there was a qualitative development of juniors. Work has begun to increase the level of refereeing, it became easier to receive documents for traveling abroad. These are the main advantages of the innovations, which took place this year. I'm not talking about the seemingly inconspicuous look "trifles". I have long been familiar with the squash, and I can say, What used to be a lot harder. Now everything is clear and orderly. Juniors began to develop better and as a sport, and everything else as. It is more convenient and has become the, who speaks at amateur tournaments - quality refereeing, convenient schedule, acceptable conditions. It is easier to become all. Progress huge. Now I began to work as a coach and I can see, that greatly increased "clogging" courts. People are attracted to this sport. I wish the next year further work with children - it's the future of Ukraine. Continue to work with the judges. Generally, do all in the same spirit and do not stop - the direction is correct.

author: Alexander Music

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