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24-26 March in the Kiev club "5 Element" to host XII individual championship of Ukraine Squash. This year the decision was made as close as possible to international standards and to conduct the competition it is in the style, in which it is made where, where squash is one of the leading sports.


To call this tournament a major event of the year - is awkward, as any definition would seem too much for him inadequate. AT calendar there is a huge amount of competition, various stages of tournaments, Ukraine Cup, junior championship and so on. But the prestige of his personal superiority exceeds all together.

In recent years, the popularity of squash in Ukraine has grown so, now Squash Federation of Ukraine with a clear conscience adopted a standard format for the tournament. Now the game will take place only in two categories - women's and men, where there will be exceptions and divisions on proficiency and age points.

So many years competing for the title of best player in England (recently once won the title "Guru" of the European Squash Nick Matthew), in the Czech Republic (Where Jan Koukal, no matter what the international performances already arrived and took the 18th gold medal), in Poland, Germany - everywhere. Let victory in the national championship and does not bring a large number of points in the PSA ranking, but the title itself is considered a strong skvoshistom countries already energizes each of the contenders. And here it does not matter - you call yourself a lover, novice player, junior or professional. The desire to win - the most important factor. All the more so in recent years we have grown up a generation of young skvoshistov, conquering frontiers of international tournaments, there is life in the old dog and recognized veterans. Generally, will still that struggle. When all cast aside doubt and fight to the last dialed points.

Will hope, that the courts of their right to be called the best will be to defend the recent champions and winners of previous championships - two-time title holders Konstantin Rыbalychenko (2008, 2009), Ruslan Sorochinskiy (2010, 2012), fourfold (!) champion Denis homestead (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016), as well as having in your arsenal of various samples awards Valery Fedoruk, Dmitry Shcherbakov Sr. and other "mastodons" Ukrainian squash.

But it has grown and fighting change in the person of the same champion of Ukraine among juniors Artur Sikora or experienced fighter international tournaments Dmitry Pogrebnyak, other strong skvoshistov. And a pleasant surprise, and the rest of the contenders for medals. By regulation, competition grid means 64 players participated in the category "Men" and 32 - in the "Women" category. And you can be sure, that each of the participants will find their arguments against his rival. Therefore, this championship is sure to become extremely unpredictable than any of the previous eleven.


- Individual championship of Ukraine for a long time had a different format. There was a time, when it carried out among the various categories of participants - professionals, lovers, children. Now he has got a clear and overall view: "Men and women". As far as it is beneficial in the light of the promotion of squash in our country and if it hurts?

- That, he held previously, It was more purports, people, coming squash, They can grow as players and not to lose interest in him. To keep the intrigue and, in this way, more and more to attract people to the sport. Respectively, in other countries internal championship format may differ due to their timing of occurrence and development of squash. But I think, that we have already come to the, that we champion was the one and only (until the next season) - Competition allows. To speak: "I - champion of Ukraine, only here in this category about ", that did not start scheming, conversations, comparison, wild guesses, overtones. The concept of "champion" means the name of only one player - one woman and one man. And this format is correct - according to us, and the Ministry of Sports of Ukraine, to support us in the organization of this championship. clear, the players category "Fans" of such a format is not like, because they used to play with equal force rivals. But, so we did not have the gap between different kinds of categories, similar kind of tournaments simply needed. I think, that this kind of competition we are increasingly spending. Yes, will be separate tournaments, divided into categories - but essential superiority of the highest category. To understand the player, I felt, that he may develop - even if it will be difficult, let him lose, but he did not "get stuck" in their conventional categories M2, and to gain experience in the future to reach the highest level of squash.

- Are there any concerns, that the new format of the individual championship of Ukraine, many players do not take the risk to apply, be wary of inglorious defeats?

- Judging, as in our country develops squash, confident of success. So to speak, Last year we spent a combined championship for amateurs. There were a lot of players, who were afraid to apply, understanding, that they will be played with a "dry" account. Understanding, that will play with more experienced players, They said "no, no, wait a couple of weeks and will play in the tournament, where there will be chances to succeed ". I understand them - are always fun to play with an equal opponent. But there are those, who like and want to develop - and such a lot. Eventually, the success of the event has surpassed all expectations. The same applies to the individual championship of Ukraine. let's wait, while it will take five or six times in this format - believe, everything will be completely different. Leading skvoshistov in the same category "Professionals" have become much more. It will be a great competition, intriguing game, maximum interest - and all of this will only benefit Ukrainian squash. At the same time we will be able to neutralize as much as possible the gap between amateurs and professionals. This global standards, which try to stick to squash federations in many countries.

- Previously, the championship of Ukraine was held in a large number of categories is in order, to each of the participants felt a confidence in the presence of a chance to win. The recent phase of "Element 5 Squash Tour" showed, that even in the «Pro» category player, loser kick-off meeting, just shoot from the tournament and did not want to fight for lower final position… not a little afraid of, so that can happen in the individual championship of Ukraine with the introduction of such strict regulations in the framework of the meeting?

- It all depends on the internal responsibility of the player. From the organizers need only provide the very organization of the tournament, attract sponsors. properly, if the sponsor helped us in the tournament, he can expect performances of all players and of all matches. If prescribed in the regulations, that award shall be present all - they are obliged to do anyway. There are penalties for the failure of the player from the next match on unexcused. In all there are clearly defined in the regulations and rules function - and they are mandatory for all. It is right, this - world practice.

After all, it does not matter - lost meeting, He withdrew from the tournament and went home. After all, this behavior means, that someone else did not get a chance to play a match against a strong opponent, get match practice. Here we talk about mutual respect for each other.

- Let's go back yet for the championship of Ukraine 2017. Speakers players in two categories - "Men" and "Women". And to participate in the tournament is open to players of all ages, beginning with 14 years…

- Correctly. Each junior has the right to try their hand, get practice game against veterans Ukrainian squash - it is still the future of the national teams of Ukraine. Today, based on the current situation in the Ukrainian squash, it was decided to set the bar at the age of 14 years. Especially as a single championship of Ukraine among juniors held in the end of the year, where there are children of all age categories. I am sure, that adopted different tournaments of different sample format will bear fruit in the near future and will accelerate the development of squash in our country by several orders.

All winners of the individual championships of Ukraine in the "Professionals" category

Apply to participate in the individual Championship of Ukraine-2017

Terms and conditions of the individual Championship of Ukraine-2017

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