This year, a series of international summer tournaments closes Individual European Championship Squash Masters category 2019. One of the most interesting and unique tournament is held in the beautiful Austrian Vienna. This is not surprising, one of the biggest clubs and is still a meeting place number one for all sports fans is – Club Danube Erdberg – ideal place, to place on its territory more 450 players. To be precise it was declared the tournament 469 players, who will play in the 16 categories in the territory 15 squash courts.

The uniqueness of the tournament "Masters" is, that there is no division in the usual categories of professionals, lovers, male or female. The main condition for participation in the Masters tournament - reach the age mark 35+ to infinity. So, for example, in today's championship for most adult categories are the men aged 75+. Thus were formed 16 divided into categories of men and women: M35 +, W35+, M40 +, W40 +, M45+, W45 +, M50 +, W50 +, M55 +, W55 +, M60 +, W60 +, M65 +, M70 +, W70 +, M75 +.

Ukrainian athletes often go to this kind of tournaments, moreover regularly take them prizes. We hope, When in use, and that in 2019 we adequately represent their country. Increasing the chances of triumph, because it will represent Ukraine masthead skvoshist Ukraine, member of the World Games 2017 – Konstantin Rыbalychenko.

If in 2017 Constantine was the only player to represent our country at the European Masters, in 2019 in the courts of Vienna will debut Alexander Bulgakov. Alexander will come to court in the M40 + category against Irishman Keith Moran [5/8].

The captain of the Ukrainian team Konstantin Rыbalychenko plays 5/8 seyannym in the category M35 +. To start the game will be our skvoshist 13:05 (by local time) and we already know, that the first opponent will make the Austrian Mario Reichl.

Follow the games EMIC2019 you can on YouTube.

We wish good luck to our champions, victories and good results. We cheer and support the entire squash family!

Grid and schedule of the tournament European Masters Individual Championships 2019.

© Anna Tesleva

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