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FROM 1 of February we will update the list of Associate Members Squash Federation of Ukraine. At this point in time (31.01.2017) of the associate members of the OFS is included 106 human. All who wish to renew their membership, we ask you tomorrow to pay the fee.

And also we want to thank all, who was with us throughout the year. We hope, that you continue to remain part of our squash family. We are pleased to invite new members into the ranks of the Associate Members and look forward to each, who love squash. Thanks to your contributions, there is an organization. We can:

  • hold tournaments at the highest level.
  • to develop children's academy squash.
  • other destinations, who need constant funding.

Who is eligible to become an Associate member of the Federation of squash in Ukraine (USF )?

Members of the public organizations may be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who have reached the age 14 years.

How to become an associate member of the FSO?

Joining the organization is carried out automatically on the basis of an application and payment of a financial contribution.

The size of the annual fee:

The membership fee is 500 UAH (It is also the opening and is paid annually).

All members of the FSO shall have the right:

  1. To be elected to the FSU controls.
  2. To receive information on the activities of the FSO and its governing bodies.
  3. Participate in decision-making, associated with the activities of OFS.
  4. Available out of the members of the OFS.
  5. Propose and participate in projects and activities for the development of squash under the auspices of the FSO under (tournaments, seminars and training courses).

What do you get by becoming an associate member of the FSO?

  • You can count on maximum support to the Federation in the preparation of documents for participation in international tournaments.
  • free training on coaching and referee seminars.
  • receive certificates and diplomas confirming your qualifications, etc..

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