After receiving feedback and comments from members and players, counting system junior ranking was decided to update and change, to have a combined rating of the player, regardless of age, but maintaining separation for children (Boys Overall and Girls Overall). Each player will receive a rating according to the number of points, received in the past 12 months, regardless of age, in which he played, where the four best results are divided into four. Rating individual age groups will be published on the website, as before, filtered by age category.

The main reason is to improve the system changes and improvements determination and comparison of various categories rated tournaments and different levels of registered players (level of competition).

The new system will adhere to our requirements, the assignment of the appropriate number of points in the cases, where players have to or want to play in a different age category. Presently, player, which begins play in the older age group before the transition into this category of age, It has no rating.

The new system has a smooth transition to the higher age category, since all the points received by the player remain in the ranking of him. The combined rating also allow proper seeding players, if they begin to play in a different age category.

The advantage of the new system is also a significant simplification of calculation and updating rating. It will no longer need to manually convert TS files in an Excel file and upload them to the site. Everything will be automatically processed directly in a web environment.

categories tournament

Tournaments will be divided into the following categories:

  • Europe championship (U19) / European Championships (U19)
  • Super Series / Super Series
  • Grand Prix / Grand Prix
  • Junior open / Junior Open

Each category will have a different rank, which will affect the number of points, which will be taken into account in the rating.

tournament levels

also tournaments [even one category] They will be divided into three levels:

  • A
  • B
  • C

Each level of the tournament will also have a different rank, which will affect the number of points, which will be taken into account in the rating. level of competition will be determined by the composition of the players, in the tournament. Higher level players give more points in the ranking.

age groups

The existing system of age groups will be saved:

  • U13 / U15 / U17 / U19

Each age group will have a different points scale (like the new system of Masters Tournament [masters system]), to create a combined ranking of all juniors regardless of their age.

ESID [European Squash Room]


FROM 28 November 2018 the European Squash Federation (ESF) change the database to manage and events.

The reason for this is that, that by the end of December 2018 , the World Squash Federation (WSF) move to another system. Since the ESF was part of the WSF Software, ESF was to create its own database.


The registration numbers of the players have changed numbers on, starting with the letters ES. Information on the previous numbers were taken from the ESF ratings and tournament information ESF.

any player, who had previously received WSF SPIN, It shall be automatically transferred to the new system and get ESID.

Search ESID existing players

If you need help in finding the player numbers, Press here, for instructions please click here for instructions.

How to get the ESID

players, who have not yet received ESID, You must register with the ESF. Click this link: Please click on this link.

National federations will be automatically notified of all new registrations of players from their country and to be able to veto such registration at any time in case of problems.

registration fees

FROM 1 January 2019 year established a one-time fee of 10 euros for each new European registration. Only new players and players from outside Europe, which have not yet participated in the tournament ESF, You must register.

All players, who played and are already registered in the WSF (SPIN), should not be any further register, or to pay a fee.

Thank you very much for the translation: Julia Kadibash.

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