This weekend in Amsterdam (Holland) He held the Grand Final of the tournament Super Series squash DJO2019 among juniors. Best result at this tournament in Amsterdam - at 1 seeded Alina Bushmen. high, stable fourth position of the second tournament in a row in 18-year-old athlete (category 19 years).

18-year-old from Kiev Alina Bushma, The first issue of the European rankings, multiple medalist of the tournament in the Dutch Junior Open GU13 category, GU19! At this time Alina was stronger competitors from Greece Athina Gasparinatou [17/32] and Ireland Emma Mcgugan [17/32] defeating them at the start of the tournament with a score of (3:0). Then easily dealt with the twenty-first issue of the European rankings Daniek Krukkert, defeating the hostess of the tournament with a score of (11-7, 11-9, 11-6). Skvoshistka in 1/2 finals unexpectedly missed the victory, losing Englishwoman Alice Green [3/4] with the score 3:1 (13-11, 11-13, 5-11, 3-11). And then, Game DPD 2019 Bushma met again on the court with Margot Prow [3/4], Englishwoman losing the bronze medal in the final match.

If our girls from the most senior category, it was the next match for the title of the strongest athlete squash, that for Ukraine it was just incredible victory. Pride, admiration and infinite gratitude of, Ukrainian juniors that every year more and more involved in the events of this size and larger and larger staff!

Overall, acted in Holland 13 Participants from Ukraine. Juniors take the example of more experienced athletes, so in other categories, we also have good results. It became the most successful game Oleksandr Bulgakov of the Dnieper – Sofia Zrazhevsky (GU13) - the fifth skvoshistki, as well as the pupil Denis homestead and Jaroslav Bagan – David Zaichenko (BU11) – juniors eighth. Overall, acted in Holland 13 Participants from Ukraine.

Results of other athletes from the Ukraine in Dutch Dutch Junior Open 2019:


14. Timur Orhan Džandan

15. Yegor Shcherbakov


18. Sperchun Miroslava


40. David Zaicenko

51. Timur Orhan Džandan


14. Dmitry Shcherbakov

27. Timofey Radisonov

86. Ilya Kaufman


28. Vladislav Tverdohleb

43. Milena Velichko


56. Matthew Tymoshchuk


22. Julia Zhukavets

Now Ukrainian skvoshisty preparing for the next season and deservedly go on summer vacation, in that 2019-2020 show even better results.

Congratulations to the athletes and wish them further success!

© Anna Tesleva

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