This week began the World Junior Championships. It is not the first time the World Squash Federation has joined in one action just two categories - individual competition among boys and girls. And note, that since 2009 , the world championship is held annually among both categories, indicating that the increasing popularity of the sport.

This tournament is taking place this year in India Chinna - way, for the third time in twenty-five years of the tournament, India deserves to take the Junior World Championships in the walls.

Individual events are in full swing, because in today's games will be announced the names of the semifinalists in men. Almost half of the participants 1/4 finals are athletes from Egypt, seyannymi first World Championship 2018 They are also - it's winners of the World Cup among juniors 2017 of the year Marwan Tarek and Rowan Reda Araby. As you can see the odds from Egypt to fill another gold trophy of their Champions piggy bank is very high ...

game results 19.07.2018, on-line translation:

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