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In the city of Cologne (Germany) An international squash «Cologne Junior Cup 2018" tournament (super series). Within the walls of the squash club «ACR – Sportcenter-Köln »gathered 340 Athletes from around the world. This number of participants and the level of the tournament confirmed the prestige of participating in competitions. Ukrainian athletes returned with a prize award: Nadezhda Usenko (to 19 years) - won the honor 4 a place.

18-year-old from Kiev Nadezhda Usenko, the second number of the European rankings, multiple winner of the international squash tournament among juniors this year a prize is satisfied with fourth place. Champion of Ukraine confidently reached the semifinals, first defeat awaited athlete in the match against Ambre Allinckx [2] from Switzerland, with the score 0:3 victory and a place in the final was for the opponent (11-13, 8-11, 6-11). It is worth noting, In March in Hamburg have already met a girl, and then it was Nadia was stronger, Allinckx defeated in the bronze final.

In the final match and hope Usenko Karina Tym [3/4] Our skvoshistka conceded with the score (13-11, 11-6, 11-5) in favor of his rival.

It is difficult to ignore one more game of our athletes – Alina Bushmen [13/16]. although, Alina took only 9 a place, she showed a beautiful game and once again proved their strength sporty spirit. Despite the departure of the main draw after losing Karina Tym [3/4] (which later lost Usenko), skvoshistka consistently won rivals from Belgium Laura Deruyck [17/24] (3:0) and the United States Jesse Brownell [5/8] (3:0). In the semifinals, he defeated Alina Sarah Lüdin [13/16] from Switzerland with a score of 3:1 (8-11, 5-11, 17-15, 2-11), and in the final caused incredible damage, the duration of the match 75 minutes, 5 seeded Dane Klara Møller score 3:2 (11-8, 4-11, 11-8, 10-12, 11-2).

All in all, Germany has acted 7 Participants from Ukraine. Among the other athletes have become the most successful games Julia Laukarta (BU17) and Julia Zhukavets (GU17), who took “middle ground” in their respective categories – thirty-second and fourteenth place, respectively. Twenty-eighth place in the asset Efim Belikov (ВU19), while the youngest athletes Gulyavoy Anna (GU13) and Tverdohleb Vlada (GU15) twelfth and twenty-sixth, respectively.

Tournament Results Cologne Junior Cup 2018 (SS).

Now Ukrainian skvoshisty preparing for the next competition - Dutch Junior Open 2018, which will take place 12 – 15 July in Amsterdam.

Congratulations to the athletes and wish them further success!

© Anna Tesleva

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