Friends, For several years now we are working for the realization of our main goals: development and promotion of squash in Ukraine. We are developing a program and prepare projects for the training of athletes, coaches and referees. We develop junior squash, hold local and national competitions. Finally, we calculate and conduct the most coveted national rating.

All this is costly event. Wherein, Ukrainian Squash Federation - non-profit organization. Our activity does not imply a profit, from which we could allocate funds for numerous projects.


Until recently, the FSO was financed by means of patrons. But the social organization can not rely solely on the source of funds, as the circumstances are very changeable.

We do not want:

  • risk the possibility of our athletes to participate in the major European and world tournaments;
  • refuse to support young skvoshistov;
  • organize tournaments at an unsatisfactory level;
  • interrupt the operation of our office, coordinating support, development and promotion of squash in Ukraine.


In world, and in Ukrainian, practice, public organizations exist mainly due to solid contributions and donations of members. For foreign sports is the norm. therefore, a necessary step to bring the FSO activities in line with international standards in the introduction of licensing of athletes.


FROM 2018 year comes into force Regulations about licensing of FSU athletes, who take part in official competitions squash in Ukraine.

according to the Regulation, Only licensed athletes 2018 year will be eligible to participate in official competitions. The cost of a license fee for the sport will be 600 hryvnia, and it will be necessary to make to 15 January. In the same time, payment collection will be carried out and the one-time fee. Then it will be 100 hryvnia per tournament.

Those athletes, who pay the license to 15 January, It will automatically be charged the national rating with the beginning of the year. Pay the license can be at any time throughout the year, but then the athlete will start rating calculated only with the date of payment.


Licensed player receives:

  • participation in the country's official tournaments;
  • count national rating;
  • administrative and documentary support from the FSU in Ukraine and abroad;
  • support from the FSU in other matters, related to sports activities player;
  • participate in activities, organized by the FSO, European and World Federations (workshops, training camp, training seminars, etc.. d.);
  • the opportunity to participate in the tournament calendar for Europe and the World Federation (Junior Circuit tournaments Series, Masters Circuit et al.);
  • opportunity to enter the national team.


Now you will not just play squash and develop their skills. You both help the great cause. The proceeds from the licensing fees will be used to support national teams, our juniors, organization of competitions and organization of the FSO.

thank you, friends, for it, that you contact. We are grateful for the contribution of each and will do everything in order, so that we can together enjoy new victories of our young and adult athletes.

Online application for the acquisition of a competitor's license 2018.

Full Name. (necessarily)

Date of birth (necessarily)

City residence (necessarily)

Contact phone (parents) (necessarily)

E-mail (necessarily)

Type of license (Annual or single) (necessarily)

Bank details for payment of contributions.

Yours faithfully, Ukrainian Squash Federation.

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