It ended four individual championship of Europe-2019 in Romania. The tournament consisted of personal superiority in 2 categories of men and women. FROM 1973 , the World Squash Federation (WSF) He holds the championship and was initially played only team tournament. FROM 1990 the year began to hold and individual. Among 56 players were more Germans, face Raphael Kandra [1/1] and in the face of the Belgians – Nele Gilis [1/1]. The representatives of Germany and Belgium for the first time in the history became champions in this tournament.

Individual European Championship was no less interesting and entertaining for Ukraine. And of course, the main outcome and achievement for the whole Ukrainian squash was the eleventh place in the women's singles, which won Alina Bushma from Kiev. This is already a very good result, considering also the fact, that the last time the Ukrainian flag was in the top 13 squash at the European Championships 3 years ago, at 2016 year, then in Prague Nadezhda Usenko I took thirteenth place in this category.

In the first match was stronger Bushma Chukwu Chinyere [17/24] and he won it with a score of 3:1. Both skvoshistki gave the audience enjoy a first-class game, and Bushma already making plans for the final with the score 5-11, 11-5, 11-9, 11-6. But the next stage was coming Aline original examination - she resisted the fifth seeded Anna. Unfortunately, Gym shoes beat our athlete failed, but it is worth noting, that most Serme this victory was not an example of heavier. But even after the defeat of Ukrainian found the strength and swept off the court one of the best Slovak skvoshistok Andrea Malinova.

In the future, she lost only one meeting, taking final 11th place. But here it is worth noting, that our juniors has got a very difficult opponent. Karina Tym for many years considered the strongest skvoshistkoy Poland and on account of its large number of victories in international tournaments (such, eg, как «French JO2018», «EICC U19» which usually comes a large number of players from different countries).

By the will of the draw to complete the competition Alina dropped the match against Michael flail [9/16] from the Czech Republic. Bushma coolly took all the threads of the meeting in his hands and calmly won the match. And along with this has put Ukrainian record performances at the continental championship - eleventh place.

Squash Federation of Ukraine congratulate Alina with this difficult, but very pleasant, spectacular and important game! Congratulations coach Ahmed Mohamed, Smoke Kravchuk, all who love squash and understand how much difficult and valuable mark to this level of the tournament.

A few words about the European Championship winners 2019

Individual European Championship ended in triumph for the bronze medalist last year's championship – Raphael Kandra, who proved himself an outstanding player of the tournament. Kandra won the men's singles title in a match against the winner of the EICC 2018 Borja Golan 11-6, 11-8, 7-11, 7-11, 12-10. Among women Nele Gilis from Belgium to 2019th to win alone at the individual tournament in Coline Aumard 9-11, 11–9, 11–8, 13–11.

The medal is also claimed by such outstanding skvoshisty, как Nicolas Mueller (Switzerland), Coline Aumard (France), Melissa Alves (France), Tinne Gilis (Belgium).

All the results of European Squash Individual Championships.

Recording the last event can be found on channel Squash.

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