Alina Bushma to squash championship U.S. Junior Open Championships in America #USJOSquash!

Championship squash U.S. Junior Open is considered one of the biggest junior tournaments around the world. USJO takes pride of place among the bronze of such prestigious competitions as the World Championship in squash and British Junior Open.

American tournament continues to break all possible records, This year the championship has collected an incredible number of players - 901 participant. Over 4 days juniors will stand on the courts of Boston right to wear the honorary title of "number one".

FROM 15 by 18 December 2018 year take tournament: Phillips Academy, Brooks School and Harvard University. Maximum occupancy of the grid in terms of BU19 and BU17 - 128 players!

Among 901 players from around the world will speak and show the strength of our squash Ukrainian Alina Bushma (GU19). It is already known, that will begin play with Alina 15.12.2018 for access to the main draw of the tournament with the strongest 64 players.

Who will play Alina is still unknown, everything will be decided after tomorrow's match between 2 of its possible rivals: Velazquez Sophia VS Valasma Saana. One thing is already for sure, to play our athlete will be at Harvard University in the courts 14:25 by local time.

Tournament organizers promise online broadcast> follow the nets and you can schedule the championship on the official tournament website U.S. Junior Open 2018.

© Anna Tesleva

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